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Cartoon Network is an American cable television channel owned by Warner Bros. Entertainment, a division of AT&T's WarnerMedia. The channel was launched on October 1, 1992, and primarily broadcasts animated television series, mostly children's programming, ranging from action to animated comedy.

John mentioned in a review, "Ive never seen any channel on tv get so bad so fast. Wtf happened, Teen titans go, Uncle grandpa, Clarence, mighty magiswords, and the whole rest of the channel is terrible. Rip good shows that actually taught little kids good stuff with morals like the original Teen Titans. Just stop Cartoon Network, just stop."


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Designer says

"–Toxic work environment with little respect for creatives –Very slow to promote employees –Keep younger people on contract positions to pay them less and then don't promote –Basic no work/ life balance. You are expected to answer emails and calls at any time of night and every weekend –Unqualified management"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I just about ran screaming from this place due to the harassment I was experiencing from my show's storyboard supervisor. I'll try not to get into too much detail but he was extremely handsy with both my shoulders and hips and would constantly wink in my direction. On more than a few occasions while I was standing he would pretend to 'squeeze by' me so he could graze his gross pasty white open palm across my butt 'accidentally.' I never once considered coming forward or calling him out in public because he is extremely well liked among the rest of the crew. I feared that if it ever came down to the two of us I would be the one exiled and fired and I believe he knew that too. The most I can realistically hope for is that I was the only victim. One thing is for sure - I won't ever again go anywhere near a project with his name on it. To the other women out there - Please don't let my story discourage you from applying. All in all it was still a great job and I've heard better things from friends on the other projects."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Extremely poor overall leadership. Manipulation is a common tactic. Poor pay. Lots of shady stuff going on behind the scenes."

Former Employee - Production Assistant says

"There were a lot of ego's, especially with the creators and execs. A lot of clique's, no real mixing of crews. Was sexually harassed and was told instead of bringing it to HR to talk it out with the accuser and was made even more uncomfortable. (This issue never got resolved) They completely cut ties with me after my last day. I continue to reach out for possible opportunities and all I get are crickets. My exit interview was also extremely terrible. They didn't even try to ask me what I thought of my experience. The whole thing took less than 5 mins. I was told once you're in CN, it's gonna be hard to leave cause they'll keep offering you more jobs. (That's a big fat lie)"


"Top heavy. Czar-like mentality. Does not value contributions of "below VP" level. New CMO with little experience."

Current Employee - Agricultural Inspector says

"Becoming more and more corporate. Pay seems to be very low compared to other animation studios"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"After a long time working for a hit show with excellent personal contributions, was not offered any raise in pay when my contract was up for renewal. Most of the creative staff is in their 20s and largely inexperienced (but still very talented). But when they get some experience they tended to leave for better paying jobs."

Former Employee - Writer/Designer says

"- Miscommunication across all departments - Creative people are treated poorly"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No worklife balance. Many politics. Not enough focus on the bigger picture or the future."

Current Employee - Producer says

"-Little growth -Poor pay -Not much transparency in decision making. Do not take into consideration opinions and learnings from middle management."

Director of Character Art (Former Employee) says

"CN should stop making live-action shows and continue being the place for animation. Even the old animated shows are new, to young viewer. Also and perhaps more importantly, CN needs to monitor their creative department or risk heavy lawsuits.2 hour lunches.Animators will steal your ideas."

Talent Coordinator in Recording Dept. (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work would be a flood of more required information from a company that we hired. You can't put too much in a tiny vaccum before it breaks. And sadly, this payroll company would not budge & my company wouldn't implement an easier form to get actors paid. The accounting department was not supportive in any way shape or form. The renovation took all the money away from what was desperately needed, help. The executives were not helpful & neither was Human Resources. There were no physically disabled people ever hired there the entire time I worked there. Not enough diversity in who they hired too.I like my Boss very much & the actors were great to work with.No interns & no temps were hired to help cut down on the increasing workload"

HandsomeFox2000 says

"The app won't work, games suck, and very bad and shady. It is notorious for being hacked... I'm 19 why did I look at this lol"

August Bunch Motzfeldt 5A Rønde Skole says

"It got some really sh**tygames like tooncup 2017 and many more. I really hate. I remind me of Pokemon go. That’s some real sh* ma nigg4"

Alex Pierides says

"Ok T.V shows but they are quite silly. Also. There are so many f**king commercials!!! 10 minutes of t.v and 5-6 minutes of commercials! It’s a disgrace to keep kids waiting for their t.v show to come on!"

Stephen says

"it crashed my old computer and freezes."

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